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  1. 使用Word軟體撰寫,以英文撰寫。
  2. 摘要標題應以粗體書寫,首字母大寫。
  3. 使用A4格式,頁邊距設置為2.5厘米。
  4. 摘要正文應遵循以下格式 (字體:Times New Roman;字號:12;段落:單倍行距)。摘要的內容不得超過一頁,請參考摘要範例。
  5. 請提供3-6個關鍵詞。
  6. 作者名單應以英文呈現 (可選擇增加中文姓名)。主要報告者在姓氏後添加「#」符號,通訊作者在姓氏後添加「*」符號,請參考摘要範例。
  7. 請仔細檢查投稿之摘要。上傳後不允許進行修改。
  8. 報告者需自行印刷壁報,壁報尺寸應 90 cm x 120 cm。
  9. 摘要範例 (檔案連結)



  1. 海報尺寸為90 cm x 120 cm (直向)。
  2. 請配合於10月28日中午12:00點前完成海報設置,於10月29日議程結束前拆除您的海報。
  1. 根據「薪萌獎」參加資格,參與競賽者須具備中華天然藥物學會會員身份,入會方式請參閱 (http://www.scnm.org.tw/TW/Member/ugC_MemberRegulation.asp)
  2. 「口頭發表競賽」將於10月29日上午08:45至10:30在國璽樓1樓禮堂舉行。
  3. 每位報告者的演講時間限制為「60秒」,不包含換場時間。
  4. 簡報應使用Windows系統相容格式製作 (現場操作將不支援macOS系統)。請自行在不同設備上測試簡報以確保能夠正常運作。
  5. 請準備單一張簡報投影片 (以16:9比例製作,並轉成PDF檔案格式繳交),演示研究發表的關鍵發現。請避免致謝或其他與主題不相關的報告內容。
  6. 在發表演講時,請清楚聲明您的壁報號碼。
  7. 請避免過度使用logo或廣告。
  8. 請將簡報之PDF檔案存於USB於競賽前一天2023年10月28日(六) 17:00前交至「口頭發表競賽簡報繳交處」。
  9. 大會學術組將評選「薪萌獎」予優秀之發表人,具體詳情如下:
組別/獎項 第一名
(TWD 10,000)
(TWD 6,000)
(TWD 3,000)
(TWD 1,000)
天然物化學組 一名 一名 一名 若干名
天然物藥理組 一名 一名 一名 若干名
傳統中醫藥組 一名 一名 一名 若干名


Method of Poster Submission (Please register first)

Abstract Guidelines:

  1. The abstract should be written in English and typed using the "Word" software
  2. The abstract title should be bold with the first letter capitalized.
  3. Use A4 format with 2.5 cm margins for the layout.
  4. The abstract main text should follow the formatting (Font style: Times New Roman; Font size: 12; paragraph: single line spacing). The entire content should not exceed one page. Please refer to the sample abstract.
  5. Please provide 3-6 keywords.
  6. The author list should be presented in English (Chinese optional). The main presenter should add "#" after their last name, and the responsible author should add "*" after their last name. (Please refer to the sample abstract).
  7. Please carefully review your abstract. No modifications are allowed after submission.
  8. Please note that for accepted Poster Presentations, the presenting authors are responsible for designing and printing their own posters. The final poster size must be 90 cm x 120 cm.
  9. Sample abstract (appendix)

Poster presentation/Poster flash competition rules & Shin-Meng Award

Notice for poster presentation:
  1. The required poster size is 90 cm x 120 cm (portrait orientation).
  2. Please set up your poster before the poster session, which will take place at 12:00 pm on October 28th, and tear down your poster before the end of the symposium on October 29th.
Notice for Poster flash competition:
  1. According to the eligibility criteria for the “Shin-Meng Award”, participants in the competition must be members of the Society of Chinese Natural Medicine. Please refer to the membership details at (http://www.scnm.org.tw/TW/Member/ugC_MemberRegulation.asp).
  2. The “poster flash competition” will be held from 08:45 to 10:30 on October 29th in Conference Hall (1F, Auditorium, Paul Cardinal Shan Medical Building).
  3. Individual presenters will have a time limitation of "60 seconds" for their presentation, excluding the transition time.
  4. Presentations should be prepared using a compatible format in a Windows system. Please note that there will be no macOS equipment available. Test your presentation slide on a different machine than the one it was originally prepared on to ensure proper functionality.
  5. Prepare a single slide (Produced in a 16:9 aspect ratio and submitted in PDF file format) that highlights the key findings rather than providing detailed information. There will be "no" discussion time, so please refrain from acknowledging co-workers, institutes, etc.
  6. When delivering your presentation, please clearly state the number of the poster board where your poster is displayed.
  7. Excessive use of organization logos and advertisements is not allowed.
  8. Please save the PDF file of your presentation onto a USB drive and submit it to the "Slide Submission Site" by 5:00 PM on the day before the competition, which is October 28, 2023 (Saturday).
  9. Outstanding presenters will be eligible for “Shin-Meng Awards” as follows:
Groups/Prizes The First prize
(NT 10,000)
The Second prize
(NT 6,000)
The Third prize
(NT 3,000)
Honorable mention
(NT 1,000)
Natural Products Chemistry 1 awardee 1 awardee 1 awardee several awardees
Natural Products Pharmacology 1 awardee 1 awardee 1 awardee several awardees
Traditional Chinese Medicine 1 awardee 1 awardee 1 awardee several awardees

Organizers | Fu Jen Catholic University, National Science and Technology Council, Chang Gung University of Science and Technology, The Society of Chinese Natural Medicine
Co-Organizers | Ministry of Health and Welfare, National Research Institute of Chinese Medicine

大會聯絡方式 Conference Contact Information:

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