請參閱中華天然藥物學位網站「入會申請」辦理 (http://www.scnm.org.tw/TW/Member/ugC_MemberRegulation.asp)


  1. 繳費方式: 郵局匯款及轉帳
    0041721-0053759 高雄醫學大學郵局 (郵局代號700)
    戶名: 中華天然藥物學會宋秉鈞
  2. 請將繳費證明 (繳費證明單中需註明參加者姓名) 上傳本頁面下方之「匯款證明上傳」處,大會於一周內確認並回覆,收據於會議當天現場領取。
身份/報名項目 大會議程 慶祝晚宴
學會會員 教師/研究員/博士後/助理 免費 (需繳交常年會費) TWD 1,000
學生 免費 (需繳交常年會費) TWD 300
廠商/其他 免費 (需繳交常年會費) TWD 1,000
非學會會員 教師/研究員/博士後/助理 TWD 1,000 TWD 1,000
學生 TWD 300 TWD 300
廠商/其他 TWD 1,000 TWD 1,000
“-” 未開放參與


Payment Information:

Membership Application/Annual Membership Fee Information:

Please refer to the Chinese Society of Natural Products website for the "Membership Application" process (http://www.scnm.org.tw/TW/Member/ugC_MemberRegulation.asp).

Payment Submission:

  1. Payment method: Postal remittance and bank transfer.
    Account number: 0041721-0053759, Kaohsiung Medical University Post Office (Bank code 700).
    Account holder: 中華天然藥物學會宋秉鈞
  2. Please upload the payment certificate to the “Payment Information” (please note that the participant’s name must be indicated in the payment certificate!) after completing the payment. The conference organizers will confirm the payment by email notice within one week. The receipt will be given to participants at the conference registration desk.
Identity/options Program Gala dinner
SCNM member PI/Postdoc./Assistant free (Annual membership fee required) TWD 1,000
Student free (Annual membership fee required) TWD 300
Vendor/Others free (Annual membership fee required) TWD 1,000
Non-SCNM member PI/Postdoc./Assistant TWD 1,000 TWD 1,000
Student TWD 300 TWD 300
Vendor/Others TWD 1,000 TWD 1,000
"-" Not available for participation.
Registration fee includes: Admission to all scientific sessions & commercial exhibition, congress material, lunch/coffee breaks, and certificate of attendance

Organizers | Fu Jen Catholic University, National Science and Technology Council, Chang Gung University of Science and Technology, The Society of Chinese Natural Medicine
Co-Organizers | Ministry of Health and Welfare, National Research Institute of Chinese Medicine

大會聯絡方式 Conference Contact Information:

聯絡人 Contact Person:陳品羽︱陳又瀅
信箱 E-mail:158143@mail.fju.edu.tw︱scnm.1988@gmail.com
電話 Tel:02-29053444︱08-8825001 ext. 1327、1384
聯絡地址 Address:242 新北市新莊區中正路510號 MD938室
Fu Jen Catholic University, No.510, Zhongzheng Rd., Xinzhuang Dist, New Taipei City 24205, Taiwan